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Presidential Twitter-Head

On May 8 the President in one of his ill-advised tweets wrote “council” where the correct word would have been “counsel”. Although what he meant was clear, tweeters were quick to jump on his typo and use it as grounds for a barrage of snarky comments. The comments, for the most part, were illustrative of certainly no greater intellectual capacity than that illustrated by the President. They were generally illustrative of the attitude and mentality shown by those who desire to take any and every opportunity to trash the President. They were also typical of the stupidity exemplified by those who desire to take any and every opportunity to trash the President. Although he has achieved a number of accomplishments that benefit the country, these people will never admit such. Rather, they cast their description of such accomplishments (if they acknowledge them at all) in terms calculated to undermine them.

There’s no question the President ought not be tweeting in the first place. If the White House feels the need for a presence on Twitter, then tweets ought to be generated by a staff department that’s tasked for the purpose. It could logically come under the purview of the office of Press Secretary. He has not, however, demonstrated any greater facility for use of the English language than has the President. The best solution would be to delegate White House tweeting to Bandolero’s good friend, HarpShot. This fellow has a proven record of ability to write succinct missives.

El Bandolero continues to stand with El Presidente, but must, and will, always demand faithfulness to the principles that swept him into office. One of those principles is learning how to keep one’s foot out of one’s mouth. In furtherance of this principle, El Bandolero will be nominating HarpShot as official White House Tweeter, and expects this nomination to be approved forthwith.

Time For A Test

It has come to Bandolero’s attention that there may be some issues about being able to post articles via our present web host. So, this is a test to see if that’s really true.

Thank you for your patience and support.

UPDATE: Well, there was an issue, sure enough, but El Bandolero got it taken care of.

And Another Year Is Gone

We looked and then we looked again because it was inconceivable the last post was in December of 2009. We pondered the possibility that the database had an accident or something and a year’s worth of posts had got lost or deleted. Come to think of it, that might’ve been a decent excuse, if it had been true. Bandolero, however, as you all well know, is a man of truth and honor, so that was not an option, tempting as it was. But, now, at least, we have this new post, even though it adds little, if nothing, to the wealth of knowledge Bandolero has always hoped, and still hopes, to contribute to the world. Do not despair, amigos. Bandolero rides still!