Destiny Calls

While growing up in the home of his impoverished but proud parents, Bandolero ate his meals at a wooden table set on a dirt floor of the one room cabin they called “home”. Notwithstanding intense pride in their heritage, Bandolero’s parents knew the advantages he would have if he learned English. Despite the ever-present dirt, the meal table was always covered with a clean table cloth. His mother was very hygienic. Not personally, but when it came to meals.

One day, after a fine clean dinner, Bandolero realized that the time had come for him to set off in search of his destiny.

“Bye, mom!” he cried.

“Bye, Bandolero!” his mother cried.

“Bye, dad!” he cried.

“Bye, Bandolero!” his father cried.

“Bye, dog!” he cried.

“Woof!” his dog cried.

And the rest is legend.