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Chapter 10 Revealed

We are pleased to inform the public of the publication of Chapter 10 of Bandolero’s Memoirs. While we’re here, we’ll note that, usually, a memoir is written near the end of one’s life, when one has done one’s lifetime of accomplishments, failures, or mediocrity, and desires to look back upon it, reflect upon it, and then write down such memories and reflections as one believes may interest those who are still struggling along the path of life. Bandolero’s Memoirs, however, seem to depict events in real time or, rather, in historical and/or present time, as his life appears to unfold or to have unfolded, at times haphazardly. However, it’s more complicated than that, due to our quantum universe and string reality. For El Bandolero, all is history, even that which to others seems to be present or future, if not past. Bandolero is timeless. Thus he is able to write about, and describe, what to others may be past, present, and/or future, in a way that Bandolero is able to present as history or, at times, in real time. Furthermore, because El Bandolero is a man who reveres honor and truth above all else, one need never fear that what he presents is biased, untrue, or misinformed. There are those who call themselves influencers, or who are labelled as such. Their endeavors are futile because, as Bandolero knows, the past, present, and/or future are immutable and attempts to influence their course are impotent. Those who see what they believe to be the result of influence of others or of themselves only see that which was already written, as were the actions of the influencers, whether they be others or themselves. Even though it may seem to them that there would have been different outcomes but for their influence, the fact is that it was written that way, anyhow. We all are but players on a stage, as was once written by a wise and prescient scientist and philosopher. Bandolero, who has been blessed, or perhaps cursed, with the knowledge of all that was, is, and shall be, has been called upon to shed the light of knowledge. From such light comes Bandolero’s Memoirs.

So, one might well ask, does El Bandolero really know the future? To which, one might well answer, does this really need to be asked, or answered? Would it matter? The answer should be obvious. The important thing for now is the manifestation of Chapter 10. Whether or not the public or any member of it is able to digest and comprehend the revelations therein is another matter, possibly one which is debatable, though needlessly so.

Trump Could Win If…

Bandolero has to admit that Donald Trump is his own worst enemy. He may think the Democrats in general, and Pelosi, Schumer, and Schiff in particular, and Bloomberg and Cuomo, along with the MSM (Main Stream Media) and Hollywood elite, are his worst enemies; but, he actually does more harm to himself than they do. Notwithstanding all of that harm, President Trump has golden opportunities (oportunidades de oro) coming up with which to show people why they need to vote for him on November 3. To take advantage of these opportunities, however, he will need to make a fundamental shift in how he projects himself. Instead of harping in his typical Twitter fashion about how nasty the Dems have been toward him and crowing about how great he is and how he was ahead of everybody when he closed our borders to travelers from China when COVID reared its ugly head, he needs to take to heart the criticism that he doesn’t present a “presidential” persona. The first thing he needs to do is get lessons on how to do that. He won’t be able to succeed at such a transformation without expert help. Most of the lessons should focus on how to replace narcissism with substance.

Next, he has plenty of room to talk about how the Democrats, instead of doing the jobs they were elected to do in Washington to improve the condition of the country and its citizens, subverted their constituent’s interests in order to oppose everything he tried to accomplish and wasted their time trying to remove him from office, first by trying to advance their lie about Russian collusion and then by trying to impeach him on “trumped” up charges. He can easily make the case that, had the Democrats instead used that misdirected and vindictive time and effort to work with him for the benefit of the country, the country would be a lot better off now. He needs to understand, however, that he can’t win the case with his ego and narcissistic personality. He has to make the case with a presidential demeanor.

On George Stephanopoulos’ recent Sunday morning show voters who voted for Trump in 2016 said they might not or would not vote for him this time because of his personality. Biden’s campaign is making the argument that Trump failed to “grow into the office” of the president, and evidence suggests it could be a successful argument. Bandolero himself has been disappointed with Trump’s failure to do so. Trump needs to understand that he can keep the support of Bandolero and his base on the strength of his positions without having to make a show of his ego-driven narcissistic personality. In order for him to regain enough women and suburban and possibly even under 30 voters, as well as many of Bandolero’s followers, to take the election he has to reign in that ego, confess that it has at times been counterproductive, project a professional and presidential persona, and emphasize the good things that can be accomplished in a second term if the people will, by their votes, show that they disapprove of the dilatory, vindictive and counter-productive time and energy the Democrats wasted by doing nothing during his first term but try to undermine his efforts, instead of doing their jobs. It’s a perfectly reasonable, rational and convincing proposition that if the Democrats would turn their efforts to helping the country instead of undermining him, he would be able to work with them to accomplish great things for the United States. By voting for Trump, the electorate will get that message across to the Democrats and, possibly, save the country from either socialism or anarchy, not to mention saving the Constitution and Bill of Rights.