Adios Epicurus

With great regret Bandolero bids upcoming farewell to amigo Epicurus whose blog, The Epicurean Blog, has always been a source of great inspiration and solace to Bandolero. That blog was a model of the written word, or a model of what the written word should be, or a model of great written words, or some sort of model, anyhow. But, alas and alack and apaddywack, the Epicurean Blog is about to become a thing of the past. Like many of Bandolero’s other amigos.

UPDATE: We are tardy in updating the above and foregoing post, and lo siento mucho. The Epicurean Blog, rather than disappearing, was reborn, rebirthed, remodeled, redesigned and realized as Epicurus Today! It is updated daily with stoic insight by our good friend, Bob Hanrott, and his comrades.

About Bandolero

Bandolero is an acrominical phoneme dissimilar in many ways from the phenominal esprit de la monastic pheronome widely observed in the montanas and sometimes mistaken for somebody else.