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Los Bastardos Pendejos

El Bandolero discovered that certain cowardly agents covertly infiltrated his web server and maliciously added nefarious code to many files. The exact purpose of this endeavor is unknown (we have now determined their purpose and it was not honorable), but their deeds were not undetected due to vigilance on the part of El Bandolero and his allies who are, even as we speak, hot on the trail of the perpetrators. When apprehended, it should be known that El Bandolero has no qualms about certain techniques which politically correct mealy-mouthed liberals decry and condemn with self-indulgent indignation. No, El Bandolero will not hesitate to use waterboards, detach fingernails (ever so slowly yet ever so effectively), gouge eyeballs (not once with ice picks but often with needles), drop grub worms in ears and then cover them with duct tape, release fire ants in underwear after pouring honey on genitalia, etc., etc.

You know who you are. Now, fear the swift hand of Bandolero’s justice!