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Lo Siento Mucho Mis Caballeros

El Bandolero knows when to apologize, especially to his faithful friends, followers and troops. And now is when, or when is now. It is virtually unbelievable that nearly two years have past since Bandolero wrote “It Is Time”. That was Bandolero’s call to himself to mobilize and to fulfill not only his destiny but the hopes and dreams of those who have so long looked to him for leadership, hope, courage, inspiration and, occasionally, jelly beans. Some may laugh, but the faithful know the meaning behind the secret code “jelly beans”. Hint: A famous author once wrote a famous book about another struggle, entitled “A Farewell to Jelly Beans”. And these are not to be confused with black beans or refried beans although they, also, are code whose meaning is known to the faithful. No hint for now, though.

Be secure in the knowledge that Bandolero lives, and is more determined than ever to lead the charge in what now must be an obvious necessity to a vast majority, or at least a vast number, of citizens, not to mention immigrants and aliens. The passage of two years, and the utter failure during that time of any hope for a meaningful alternative to appear, much less an actual alternative, has further coagulated Bandolero’s message and the cause for which he stands and rides, and walks and runs. The passage of two years has seen the founding fathers spinning even more frantically in their graves as their dreams for our nation have been warped and manipulated into the nightmare that our government has become while the citizenry is misled by sound bites whose persuasiveness prevails because few care to read the details and fine print in the same fashion they click “I Agree” thousands of times a day to contracts they didn’t bother to read because they were enthralled by the instant gratification of the latest trending app.

Is it too late? Even Bandolero must admit that, yes, it might be. But that doesn’t mean we have to like it or to go down without a fight. Bandolero intends to re-earn the trust and loyalty of his followers. Just wait and see.

It Is Time

El Bandolero has been absent from these pages for more than a year! Many followers abandoned hope and left. A few hardy and faithful souls stuck around. They are the ones who know that Bandolero may have been absent but he was not gone. When a loved one dies people tell the mourners that the deceased has not really left, but lives on in their hearts and minds; and as long as they keep the memory alive the deceased lives on. This applies not only to dead people, but as well to absent people. Kind of like when you see parents of an abducted or missing child and they say something like, “We know he/she will return to us, we will never lose hope.” And, so with Bandolero.

What people should really mourn is the deaths of the Founding Fathers. Like those hardy and faithful souls who kept Bandolero alive, the citizens kept the Founding Fathers alive for many decades after their physical deaths. Their vision, their hope, their passion for freedom lived on in the hearts and minds of the citizens. The power of their spirits enabled the citizens to fight and prevail over evil and powerful enemies who would deprive the citizens of their inalienable rights and freedoms. But, their power could not withstand the forces of indifference and greed; the greed of those who took what they wanted because of the indifference of the citizens. The vast majority of the citizens were unable to see what they were losing, because they were, nevertheless, comfortable enough. To stand up and actually fight to preserve what was being lost would be a risk to their comfort. Those who were devastated were a minority, who found that not only were they not protected by the vision and spirit of the Founding Fathers, they were also not protected by a majority who kept the vision and spirit of the Founding Fathers alive.

Is it too late to re-kindle the spirit of the Founding Fathers? Not only must indifference be overcome. Too many have accepted the preaching of the few who by their greed have taken and usurped the power that the Founding Fathers fought so hard to preserve to the citizens. The many in their comfort have taken to accepting the message preached by the powerful, the message that the vision and spirit of the Founding Fathers is outdated and no longer relevant to life in the 21st century. The many surrendered without firing a shot. Can they be revitalized? Or have they lost the ability to even see or understand what they have given up?

Bandolero has returned to these pages to challenge the few and powerful who themselves are now vulnerable because of their own complacency. They think they have already won. We shall see.


The Unsung Underground Hero

The following is being published with the reluctant permission of its author on the condition of anonymity not only for reasons that will be obvious when you read it but also for certain other reasons that can never be revealed. While men and, yes, women and others, like the author fight quietly, their message is shouted across the land. And while they may fight and die anonymously, their cause is far from anonymous because it is the cause that God has challenged us to preserve at the heart of humanity: freedom!

Like many of history’s unsung heroes, I work from the underground to advance the agenda of protecting freedom. This I do not to protect myself, for I am fearless, but because as an unseen agent I am all the more effective at neutralizing oppositional forces, one small but important piece at a time. Many before me knew and practiced this ancient yet proven strategy, but perhaps none with such skill and artistry as the Great One, who was one of many with whom I was privileged to serve and call “Great One”. Even on his death bed, when I asked him what he did with Hoffa, he reminded me that our accomplishments must never see the light of day, must never be celebrated publicly, and must never be cause for self-flatulation. His response to my question was to close his eyes and, with a self-satisfied yet characteristically understated smile on his lips, die. The next time you read about a mystery nobody can solve, you will be admiring my trademark (with the one exception of D. B. Cooper). This is why I do not sign any communications except to the kindly old washerwoman who has cleaned my secret costume the past two decades and, of course, her kindly old washerwoman mother before her. Some things can never be compromised; a clean costume being second only to freedom itself.