Forward the Movement!

Well, since the last posting about getting serious, we have had a wave of support. It appears El Bandolero is not the only one who feels it’s time to get serious, time to be heard, time for REAL CHANGE rather than the hollow promise of a recently installed executive administration. Bandolero is not the only one who has noticed that Sr. Obama is giving us a humungously amplified dose of the same-ol’ same-ol’, not the change he promised during the campaign. Has there been any change? Of course not. Is he going to change anything? Of course not, other than change for the worse.

It was encouraging and surprising to see some media pundits suggesting that the government ought to suspend or cut employment taxes. This would immediately stimulate the economy. 

We’ve been hearing for years, decades, about the crisis confronting Social Security. They ought to take a bunch of that trillion dollars and put it there. This, too, would stimulate the economy, if you think it through. 

But, the Obama administration as well as Congress has made itself intoxicated with the opportunity to blow up an economic “crisis” and use it as an excuse to do the SAME OLD THING the government knows how to do – SPEND OUR MONEY. 

It’s downright revolting. It’s time to respond in kind, using the tools conferred upon us as citizens by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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