Get Woke

El Bandolero is always on the lookout for educational materials that may be of interest to his followers, fans, and admirers as well as to his detractors. While it is true that El Bandolero possesses a quantum of knowledge unmatched by his contemporaries, regardless of the camp to which they swear allegiance, or to which they claim membership, or perhaps to which they belong by inaction, default, ignorance, or stupidity, it is also true that he admires those who freely share knowledge and/or information that may be of value, or at least be of interest, to any of the campers. That said, El Bandolero herewith takes his sombrero off to Darrin McBreen who posted this video called, “Get Woke with BLM“. Some may be offended and, indeed, it starts with a warning that requires potential viewers to acknowledge such. There may also be an age restriction. Bandolero is pretty sure his compadres would find it hilarious but feels obliged to warn that others may find this video to be politically incorrect, even though it’s funny as hell.