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More Browsers!

Right on the heels of Safari for Windows comes Google Chrome. Bandolero was on that in a hurry! It gave a good ride, but quickly got bad press for heavy-handed EULA which Google quickly toned down but then poured in reports of security holes which we assume they’re working on. Bandolero found the open source source for unbranded Chrome where anybody can pick up the latest daily version of the thing, if they want, no EULA required, which Bandolero did.

And then Bandolero revisited an old favorite, Avant Browser, and found it had been upgraded a few times since last downloaded and so downloaded latest version. In the course of doing so, discovered the Avant folks have also created an Avant version using Gecko (Mozilla/Firefox) engine, called Orca, and so downloaded it, naturally. The regular Avant runs on same engine as IE. Either way, Avant and Orca are still the fastest, even faster than Chrome, we think.

So the browser wars, like Bandolero, are in heat, it seems. We’re thinking of putting out the Bandolero Browser. Has a nice ring to it, eh? We’d have ordinarily provided links for all these mentioned browsers, but it’s late and Bandolero needs his sleep. Buenas noches, amigos.

A Mystery to el Bandolero

El Bandolero doesn’t know where to edit that blurb to the side that says it’s a little bit about the author. It’s a mysterioso. Sorry about that.

Update: found it, by golly.

I don’t think the code option in the editor is really all it’s touted to be.

Heh! It sure ain’t!

Looks like it’s gonna be when viewed in the “visual” mode as well as in the preview pane; but, when it’s saved it’s not be be seen in the article as presented.
So it goes! Que será será.

Aha! So maybe it’s on account of this theme! Cuz if you click on the article title to see it by itself then it obeys the code stuff you done wrote!

😉 just to see if smilies are workin’.

yah, okay, now I be gettin’ hang of it. With a little more work, el Bandolero will be hung.