Presidente Obama

All bandoleros are congratulating the victorious Obama. It is a milestone! Who knew it was possible for such an outlaw to be elected El Presidente de Los Estados Unidos! Truly, he is one of us! Well, not exactly one of us. He will probably not be at the welfare office to pick up his checks like we do, but that is not importante. Like the best of bandoleros, he has robbed the citizens without violence and, even more impressively, they don’t even know they’ve been robbed! He is truly a Master bandolero. Best of all, if he gets caught, he can just pardon himself!

I have sent him my resume. Even though he is a Master Bandolero, I’m sure I can still teach him a trick or two. After all, El Bandolero is still Bandolero Supremo.

About Bandolero

Bandolero is an acrominical phoneme dissimilar in many ways from the phenominal esprit de la monastic pheronome widely observed in the montanas and sometimes mistaken for somebody else.