Trump Shutdown

Sometimes the guy doesn’t think ahead and that may ultimately be his undoing. For a while, El Bandolero was not surprised that all the MSM periodicals and broadcasters were hammering on about Trump’s government shutdown, never mentioning the fact that Congress is just as responsible for it as he is. In fact, Congress itself shut down and left town instead of taking the President up on his invitations to stay and negotiate. And, of course, none of them mentioned that, not long ago, the Democrats supported the very immigration measures that the President is demanding; they turned 180 degrees because they want to burn Trump, not because they’re opposed in principle (although they claim they are). But, then, one of our compadres pointed out that Mr. Trump told Pelosi and Schumer that he would be proud to own the shutdown; and that he would own the shutdown. So, by his own proclamation, it is his shutdown. Insisting on ownership of it was not such a great idea. We suppose he thought it was the manly thing to do at the time. Kinda think he may regret that stance now, as it makes it sort of difficult to make the “takes two to tango” argument, or most all the other arguments to which the Democrats are so obviously vulnerable. Well. So it goes. We still think he should declare an emergency, but not regarding immigration. He should declare the emergency in regard to the unpaid government workers, and use his powers to pay them for a while. That ought to take the wind out of the Democrats’ sails. Would they really want to go to court to stop him from doing that? We don’t think so.

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