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Snow Blower

One day Bandolero awoke and thought he had died and gone to heaven. Everything was white. Bright white. And he couldn’t feel anything. It seemed as though he was numb all over. He had to think awhile about this. He couldn’t remember getting shot, or falling off his horse, or having a heart attack, or anything that would account for being dead. While going through a list of possibilities he heard something strange. It sounded like “mmmph, mmmph, mmmph.” Suddenly there was a whoosh and Blacky the outlaw was staring down at him.

“Are you dead, too?” Bandolero asked.

“Don’t be stupid, Bando, it snowed last night! Get up!”

And, indeed, it had snowed, and snowed a lot. This explained everything, which was very reassuring to Bandolero since it meant he had not lost his memory, after all.

“Y’know,” he said to Blacky, “we’re gonna need a snow blower to get the horses out of the stable.”

“No problem,” said Blacky, “there’s one lives two houses down.”

“Very funny,” snorted Bandolero. “But that’s not exactly the kind of snow blower I meant.”

Which was true, it wasn’t.

“Ha-ha!” laughed Blacky as they unpacked shovels from their saddlebags.

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More Memoirs

Bandolero never ceases to be amazed at the rapidity with which time flies by any more. It’s faster than can be explained by the usual “getting older” rationale. Bandolero is more convinced than ever that the universe is experiencing time compression.

Regardless, Bandolero has added another chapter to the Memoir. Actually, what previously represented Chapters 2 and 3 have been replaced by a new and improved Chapter 2. The earlier Chapters 2 and 3 hardly, if at all, qualified as real chapters. Bandolero’s readers deserved better, and now better has been delivered.


You probably thought this was going to be about allergies, since it’s springtime. But, no. You might have thought Bandolero was down with a cold, sometimes called a bad cold, sometimes called rhinusitis or maybe rhinusitus. But, no. This is about Bandolero’s toothache, sometimes called a tooth ache. A filling that Bandolero’s dentist put in many years ago and then repaired some years after that and again after that and one more time about a month ago is again in a defective state. Consequently, whenever Bandolero eats, it hurts to, ah, choo, dammit. Bandolero has made appointment to see dentist on Monday.