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Kudos to Kansas

On June 3, 2020, the Kansas Legislature convened in a special session to pass a bipartisan version of the Emergency Powers resolution that was previously sent to Governor Laura Kelly.  The new version, House Bill 2054, prevents the Governor from using emergency powers to seize ammunition or limit the sale of firearms during a declared state of emergency, including for Covid-19.  Governor Kelly said she will support the measure.

Other states and municipalities have taken advantage of “emergency powers” to limit or prohibit sales of firearms and ammunition, brushing aside the Second Amendment of the Constitution. If that’s deemed permissible, then it would be permissible to use “emergency powers” to nullify any other Constitutional guarantees. In fact, it has been used to supersede the First Amendment which prohibits the free exercise of religion. Churches have been prohibited from holding services. It appears that some leaders believe that “emergency powers” can nullify both the First and Second Amendments, without consulting, or obtaining the consent of, We The People.

We are in dangerous times. Be assured that Bandolero will continue to champion the Constitution, its Amendments, and the Bill of Rights. These fundamental precepts of our country were never intended to apply only when convenient, nor without sacrifice. Thousands have sacrificed their lives to protect them and to assure that they prevail over all who would attack or subvert them. Have the people become so complacent that they are no longer willing to stand in support of them? Not El Bandolero! He will always stand in support of our precious rights!


Nuestre Héroe – Don Quixote

El Bandolero has been on a sabattical, um, a sabbatical, um, a vision quest. There are times when even the most fit and dedicated bandolero needs to get away for a little R & R (recuperation and rejuvenation). And, we are happy to report, our quest was not only satisfactory but successful! Where were we, you ask? Here: Illustrated Quixote.

One cannot spend but a few minutes perusing these visual representations of Quixote’s exploits without feeling the hero within growing energized and yearning for action! And so it is with Bandolero, who tomorrow shall mount his own Rocinante and charge forth in the name of truth, truth and more truth!