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Bandolero can’t believe it’s been a month since last post, nor that the last post dealt with Memoirs Chapter 3. Seems like Chapter 3 was done just a week or so ago. Maybe Bandolero revised it just a week or so ago. In any case, the website itself has had some work done it, and this happened today, so Bandolero doesn’t have to worry about how much time really has gone by in contrast to how much time it seems has gone by. The work today was to add a dropdown menu for the Memoirs, to allow for selection of Chapters directly from the main menu instead of having to go through them from links on the Memoirs pages.

How about this post? What a wealth of information!

Anybody got Google Wave? Bandolero’s good friend, HarpShot, got Google Wave. He says it ain’t all that hot yet. They call it “preview”, which apparently is a stage of development before even “beta”. Lots of people out there consider it very “cool” to have Wave. So, HarpShot must be cool. Bandolero is not interested in whether others think he is “cool” or not. Bandolero is interested only in revealing truth to the citizenry. Everything in this post, for example, is true. Some people have the notion that there are degrees of “truth”. They think, for example, that truth is merely the absence of lies. According to their point of view, as long as one doesn’t lie, one has told the truth. Bandolero does not subscribe to this point of view. Withholding the truth, when the truth ought to be disclosed, is the same as lying, as far as Bandolero is concerned. You can be assured that when Bandolero speaks (or writes), Bandolero has not merely abstained from lying, but has told (or written) the whole truth, withholding nothing that a reasonable and curious person would consider to be material information for purposes of making informed decisions or opinions about the subject matter concerning which Bandolero has spoken (or written). This is Bandolero’s promise.

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Bandolero is an acrominical phoneme dissimilar in many ways from the phenominal esprit de la monastic pheronome widely observed in the montanas and sometimes mistaken for somebody else.

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