A Mystery to el Bandolero

El Bandolero doesn’t know where to edit that blurb to the side that says it’s a little bit about the author. It’s a mysterioso. Sorry about that.

Update: found it, by golly.

I don’t think the code option in the editor is really all it’s touted to be.

Heh! It sure ain’t!

Looks like it’s gonna be when viewed in the “visual” mode as well as in the preview pane; but, when it’s saved it’s not to be seen in the article as presented.
So it goes! Que será será.

Aha! So maybe it’s on account of this theme! Cuz if you click on the article title to see it by itself then it obeys the code stuff you done wrote!

😉 just to see if smilies are workin’.

Yep, okay, now I be gettin’ the hang of it. With a little more work, el Bandolero will be hung. Not that he isn’t already hung pretty well, as some have observed.

About Bandolero

Bandolero is an acrominical phoneme dissimilar in many ways from the phenominal esprit de la monastic pheronome widely observed in the montanas and sometimes mistaken for somebody else.

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