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Rumination No. 1

Actually, we’re okay with mediocrity, trickle down and less than perfect, and we’ve never met a billionaire who paid no taxes or stole anything. We think corporate medical providers, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies are the bane of society, along with most of the politicians in Congress, and global money cabals we don’t even know about. Thing is, we don’t see a path to a world free of these cancers that doesn’t pass through a rough period of anarchy. Some might argue that what we have is preferable to that. And the sheer weight of momentum may preclude any course adjustment sufficient to result in meaningful change. Still, we may be able to improve some aspects of existence, if we can get the numbers to do it. There’s the rub. Too many people ultimately rely on the military-industrial-financial complex, Big-Med, Big-Pharma and Big-Insur for their paychecks. It defies human nature to sacrifice a vested interest, however small or, even, demeaning. So it goes (to quote one of our favorite authors).

Adios Epicurus

With great regret Bandolero bids upcoming farewell to amigo Epicurus whose blog, The Epicurean Blog, has always been a source of great inspiration and solace to Bandolero. That blog was a model of the written word, or a model of what the written word should be, or a model of great written words, or some sort of model, anyhow. But, alas and alack and apaddywack, the Epicurean Blog is about to become a thing of the past. Like many of Bandolero’s other amigos.

UPDATE: We are tardy in updating the above and foregoing post, and lo siento mucho. The Epicurean Blog, rather than disappearing, was reborn, rebirthed, remodeled, redesigned and realized as Epicurus Today! It is updated daily with stoic insight by our good friend, Bob Hanrott, and his comrades.

Bandolero Loves Jayhawks

So while watching the NCAA Championship game Bandolero upgraded his WordPress Blog to version 2.5. What a weird thing for El Bandolero to be doing. But, if not, Bandolero would be jumping out of his boots and holsters from the excitement and anxiety. In fact, game not over yet; it’s in overtime. Will Jayhawks pull it out? El Bandolero says: Rock Chalk!