Nuther Day Nuther Donut

Today was another day and that meant another donut for Bandolero. But, as luck would have it, the donuts had all been eaten over the course of the previous several days. No donuts. Damn. Consequently, Bandolero mounted his steed.

It wasn’t too long, sweating in the merciless sunlight, cursing the bestial flies, swatting the dag-nabbed gnats, until the object of Bandolero’s plan crested the horizon and sidled toward him along the dusty road.

At just the right moment, Bandolero sprang forth.

“Gimme yer donuts!” he commanded.

They did.

“Mmmmm, these are really good donuts,” Bandolero thought to himself later, back at his hideout.

About Bandolero

Bandolero is an acrominical phoneme dissimilar in many ways from the phenominal esprit de la monastic pheronome widely observed in the montanas and sometimes mistaken for somebody else.

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